I’m a bit of a sporadic gamer…most of my time is spent in the MMO Guild Wars 2. That said, I frequently go on a ‘pull out other games I enjoy’ kick – and Sims2 is the main one I pull out.

So what does this mean? There will be times when I’ll be on a totally-sims kick, and put out several updates in a week. Other times I’ll be concentrating on other games, and there may be a few months between updates.

My personal goal is to publish a couple of updates each month…but Uni ones will likely take a bit longer (twice as many days to play), likewise larger households will take more time (because I’m a control freak – at least in game – and there’s more characters to try to herd).

I love reading comments – it’s nice to know if others are enjoying the site. Constructive criticism is also appreciated *smiles*.