Dynasty Point: A Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Town

Dynasty Point: A newly released coastal town to the south of Sim State.
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Rhea Rayne

Rhea Rayne decided to purchase her first home right at the point of Dynasty Point. A place with a superb view of the ocean, and plenty of room to expand. A dirt block, with one lonely lemon tree near the front – but filled with possibilities.

Unfortunately, the land was ALL she could afford. Bringing her chair and bookcase from her parent’s house with her, after buying the land she had a measly $55 left…and no job.

From this meagre start, the Rayne dynasty would be born.

Behind the Scenes

My second gen child is almost a teen now, and I’ve got to say I’m having a blast! While any score I get won’t be “official” because I have ACR and Inteen installed (with ACR providing risky-woohoo), I’m keeping score anyway so I’ve got something to compare to (and something to DO with 10 generations of people!).

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Dynasty Point Updates

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