The CAS Elder Challenge

This challenge written by Robin Schatz came from the TS2Challenges yahoo group. The rules are currently still being finalized, but at the point when I did this challenge the rules were as follows.


You will need: The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Freetime, other EPs optional

To start the challenge, create an elder sim in create a sim. You can choose any aspiration and personality you’d like. You can also create other sims and family members while you’re in CAS if you desire; this is not required. Choose carefully as the strategy of this is an important part of this challenge!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to get your elder sim to the top of the lifetime aspiration meter that came with Freetime. This is NOT to be confused with having your sim die in platinum status or accomplishing his or her lifetime want. The goal of this challenge is to get that lifetime aspiration meter to the top. A good way to tell if you’ve accomplished this is to look at your sim’s lifetime benefits. If you make it to the top of the lifetime aspiration meter, your sim will have all 16 lifetime benefit points available.

You may play your sim in any way that you choose. The only rules are NO CHEATS and NO ELIXIR OF LIFE. You can buy a house, get an elder job, have sims move in, get married, have grandkids, anything you want. How your sim spends his or her time is up to you. Think about the strategy of getting your sim to the top of the lifetime aspiration meter, though. To do this, you’re going to have to have your sim in near-constant platinum status for likely his or her entire life.


You get one point for each lifetime benefit your sim earns. Winning will earn you 16 points. If you do nothing at all, you’ll get the 6 points your sim starts with.

If you are a true miracle worker and manage to get your sim to the top of the lifetime aspiration meter before he or she dies, then you get +1 point for every day your sim lives after hitting the top of the lifetime aspiration meter before dying. The best way to do this is to add +1 to your score at 6 PM every day if your sim does not die.


If you’ve actually accomplished the top of the meter, then please tell us about it! How did you accomplish it? If you’re playing along and fail, tell us about that too. It’ll definitely be an interesting discussion.

It takes 30,000 points to get to the top of the meter. CAS elders start out with 12,690 points. That means you need to earn 17,310 points before your sim dies. An elder in platinum aspiration can earn 26 points an hour. That means it would take about 27 days of being in platinum to reach the top BUT there are lifetime accomplishments that add to the score such as getting married, having a child, having a grandchild, reaching the top of hobby enthusiasm, etc. The following link may be useful for strategy

Winning this challenge might require some luck. How long an elder sim lives is somewhat determined at random, and lifetime wants are random. Having an accomplish-able lifetime want will help.