Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Calamity Cameron: Kiss of Death


Sorry about the name confusions – both men have the same first name!

Calamity Cameron got a nasty surprise when she realised that she’d become pregnant. Vowing revenge, she called Forrest Larson over for a date while her husband was at work. After a couple of dates, they lost track of time and jumped into bed together – just in time to be caught by Forrest Cameron when he got home from work…

Here’s where it got interesting. Mr. Cameron walked in, noticed they were naked and woohooing in bed together, and walked out to dance to some music. Then when they finished woohooing, he walked back in and told Mr. Larson a joke, showing absolutely no sign of being unhappy about his wife’s affair.

Furious, Calamity started trying to kill her husband. She tried electrocution by breaking the TV….it didn’t work. She tried suggesting he’d find it fun to run with scissors…it didn’t work. She bought him an electric reindeer to play with while she called Forrest Larson over for a date…and had to hide her triumph when Forrest Cemeron got electrocuted by the dangling wires from the reindeer.

Her first daughter, Inara Cameron, was then born – in the middle of a date with Forrest Larson. Deciding she needed a hand raising Inara, she invited Forrest Larson to move in.

Victim’s Vitals

Forrest Cameron
Restauranteur, promoted to Celebrity Chef
Star sign:
Romance, Games
Attracted to:
Red Hair, Underwear
Repelled by:
Lifetime goal:
Become Professional Party Guest
Lifetime savings:
$12,345 cash + approx $7k goods
Electrocution caused by kissing a reindeer.


Current Scores (anything not mentioned is 0):

  • Number of times in Platinum Aspiration: 5
  • Number of Dream Dates: 8
  • Number of affairs caught in woohoo: 1
  • Number of children to different fathers: 1
  • Number of Graves: 1
  • Number of Affairs ending in death: 1

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