Sims 2 Challenges

The Sims 2 is a “life simulation” computer game that functions as a sandbox. In it, you have “people” who have things they like, things they hate, things they dream of doing, and things that terrify them. Whether you satisfy their dreams or terrorise them with their fears is entirely up to you.

This leads to a very unstructured form of game-play. There is no “ending”, no fixed “goals”, etc. Once you’ve “done everything” you want to do, it can become boring…

That’s where Sims 2 Challenges come in. These are scenarios that have been created by people who play the game to give some goals/direction to your gameplay – often containing things that you wouldn’t have attempted/thought of doing. Usually, these have scoring rules attached – things to attempt, things to penalise, etc.

Some well-known challenges are:

  • The Legacy Challenge – follow a family through 10 generations.
  • The Prosperity Challenge – follow a community through 5 generations, with the community members all aging together.
  • The Black Widow Challenge – create a Romance Sim & have them marry/murder their way through the town.
  • The “I’m surrounded by Idiots” challenge (ISBI) – where you can only control ONE sim on a lot (all others are AI controlled…)
  • The Asylum Challenge – a subset of the ISBI challenge, where the household contains 8 (unrelated) adults locked in an insane asylum together…
  • Toddler Mania – 1 adult, 7 toddlers….challenge finishes when the last toddler ages to child.