Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

University, Round 5 – Part 1

The two sets of Hale twins started University in their own property – only going through a dorm long enough to age to Young Adult (since they didn’t age when going to their new house – I suspect the house was created in a standard lot originally instead of a Uni lot). After actually becoming Young Adults, they moved straight back into their house.

This post only covers the first 3 of their 4 semesters for this round – their 4th semester will be played at the Greek House when the people already at the house start moving out.

All four students have successfully petitioned for membership with the Greek House, and have joined the Secret Society. Everyone except Rory has max influence (Big Sim on Campus), and there’s been a few badges/hobby plaques earned so far. They’re getting off to a good start to their University life.

They’ve also all found their partners (2 are 3-bolt relationships, the other 2 are 2-bolt if I remember correctly), and are all engaged. None of the partners are Uni students, so that reduces the amount of University play I’ll need to do by a little bit.

I haven’t bothered to keep the money tally here, because they’ll move out in the second University update.


I’ll leave scoring until the end of the University updates.

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