Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

University, Round 4

Ok – I tried to get Lilly into a bedroom and then into a coffin, because I was going to try leaving her as a vampire through Uni. It didn’t work – I couldn’t get the coffin out of her backpack until after Eva had left the car and grown up, at which point Lilly was almost dead. I had thought to at least give her some Vampricillin before she left home – in future (if I send a Vamp to uni again) I think I’ll need to use it immediately on arrival – or send them to their own house so they aren’t deteriorating in the car/while others are getting out of the car.

Aiden achieved his LTW of woohoo-ing with 20 different people…and his impossible want of having 30 loves at once…before the first semester ended! Aiden left for his shop immediately, and didn’t return until he’d achieved his impossible want. So, the Romance one is done…and I don’t have to do it again :p. Using a closed shop and inviting people over for dates worked well…he could get 3-4 girls to “love” condition per day. And with that many dream dates, he never needed to eat/sleep/shower/etc. *grins*

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