Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

University, Round 2

A pretty busy University round – I’m dreading big ones with more than a few Sims to be controlled. Now I know why people find it frustrating – it’s great for life progress, but it’s slow and tedious. A 2-year round takes twice as long as a household’s week too, so you get stuck there.

The main highlights were:

  • David Pollard met Mattie James.
  • David achieved “Big Sim on Campus” (I forgot to take a Screen Shot of the memory).
  • David & Mattie had their first kiss, first makeout & first woohoos.
  • David was abducted and inducted into the Secret Society – Mattie was already a member.
  • David started the Hollyshore Youths Greek House, using furniture purchased with Secret Society funds.
  • David and Mattie fell in love
  • Mattie pledged to the Greek House, and moved in.
  • Both Mattie & David have been getting straight A+ marks.
  • David achieved the Arts & Crafts Hobby Plaque.
  • David got Gold talent badges for both Pottery and Sewing.
  • Mattie helped the GH funds by doing up and selling 2 cars, and is part way through a third.

Autumn for Uni is great – it means that the term paper fills 2/3 of the study bar.

Quick Tip: Max the study bar by submitting multiple term papers in a semester. Get your sim to do the term paper until the progress bar is about 3/4 full. Then go and influence someone else to do your term paper (they’ll start from where you stopped), and go and finish it yourself at the same time. You’ll get credit for both your completion and the influenced sim’s completion of the paper. If the season is Autumn, that’ll max the study bar completely, leaving you some 60 hours or so for making friends/getting badges/skilling/etc before the next exam. If it’s not Autumn, you can influence 2 sims and complete at the same time (provided there are enough computers – and you can afford the 5000 influence points) to get max, or just attend class/research/call the lecturer a little. The reason for doing 3/4 of the term paper first is that influenced sims get bored and leave after a while – so make sure the sim influenced doesn’t have a lot left to do.

Score: +1 points for Mattie James moving in. +1 points for David’s Gold Badges. +1 points for David’s hobby plaque. +1 point for David’s Big Sim on Campus.

Unfortunately, there were a few screen shots I’d set up to take, but my keyboard’s software interfered with the screenshot software (stealing the keypresses) so I missed Mattie’s second car and max mechanical skill shots. I’ll need to get that sorted out – it was caused by changing the keyset in use to my new Aion one, and the stupid software kept thinking that the Sims was Aion and stealing the Function Key (F1 / F2) keypresses. That said, the Aion keyset has a much nicer tactile feel to type on…I’ve just gotta take the time to teach the software that TS2 is NOT Aion.

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  1. Martha says:

    I’m enjoying your blog. Loved the cheerleader cheering on their woohoo! LOL!