Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Starke Household, Round 8

For the first household of Round 8, we return to the Starke Household. Aiden Starke is the 2nd gen heir (born out of wedlock) of founder Kaitlyn Starke, and his household consists of his father Grover Hale, wife Kerry Starke, two children Bella and Charlie Starke, and a live-in Zombie “maid” Gerald Fletcher. Gerald was resurrected by Kerry after his mysterious cow-plant accident at Eva and Archie Brady’s wedding (there’s been rumours that Archie was trying to eliminate his competition since Eva had loved Gerald too, but no proof could be found).

Last round, Grover saw the last of his 6 children get married – Owen even rushing his University course doing summer semesters in the hopes that Grover would live long enough to see him wed (successfully). Having achieved his lifetime goal, Grover happily spends the week pottering about the garden and teaching his grandchildren the skills they need to succeed in their own lives. At this point, Grover’s remaining days are numbered – his lifeline has run out of time, so he could go at any point. Despite that, he decides to prove there’s still some life in him yet…

Kerry spends her time on vacation (she’s still got 2 weeks worth of vacation left) learning handicrafts, while Aiden spent his spare time on music and cuisine.

Gerald maximises all 7 of his skills (using eggplant juice, of course). He then spends time pottering outside with Grover. He decides that since Aiden is Captain Hero, and Kerry had been too cheap to resurrect him “properly”, he’ll go and join the Criminal career to “get even” with them.

Bella Starke grows up into a charming teen, who is interested in romance and parties – but still finds time to earn a ton of scholarships (yay for her mother’s tips about Eggplant Juice – it lets you learn AND party!). Charlie grows from a baby to a school child.


  • Grover Hale: 5 Gold Badges (prev 3) = +1 point; 3 Hobby Plaques (prev 2) = +0 points
  • Aiden Starke: 7 Hobby Plaques (prev 6) = +0 points;
  • Kerry Starke: 4 Gold Badges (prev 2) = +1 point
  • Bella Starke: Earned $8k in Uni Scholarships
  • Charlie Starke: Learned all toddler skills, got into Private School
  • Gerald Fletcher: 1 Gold Badge (prev 0) = +0 points; 1 Hobby Plaque (prev 0) = +1 point; Impossible Want: +3 points
  • Household: §434,590 (prev §397,889) = +1 point; 8 hobby plaques
  • Aiden’s Business (woohoo palace): $32,212 – note: I need to check this – Aiden hasn’t been there for a while…

Total: +7 points.

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