Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Starke Household, Round 7

With the death of Kaitlyn this week due to old age, the only founders left in Hollyshore are Jacob Pollard (a vampire & eternal adult), and David Pollard (started as a toddler, is now an adult with children at Uni). Grover looks like he might have made it through next round as well – but it’ll be touch and go…he could go anytime from about Saturday in Round 8 I think. Fortunately he’s got 5 more children ready to marry this round, which will get him his LTW of “marry off 6 children”.

Kerry decided to resurrect the person she watched get eaten at Eva’s wedding, since she had the phone as a reward from her current job. Gerald, while happy to be “alive” again, was NOT happy with Kerry for resurrecting him as a Zombie. This is a Sims 2 first for me – I’ve never created a TS2 Zombie before (I did in Sims 1 – but that was a long time ago now!). The shuffling amble is amusing…for the first few minutes. The masses of puddles when he gets out of the shower…not as funny. Since he won’t die naturally, I’m thinking he’ll either stay in this household until someone particularly wants him to move in with them…or he may end up having another accident sometime down the line. It is amusing to watch his thought bubbles now…he only ever seems to think of brains *grins*.

Bella Starke was born early in the round – and has been a charming child to play. Towards the end of the round, her brother Charlie was born.

Charlie was originally born a girl (looked like they’d be a copy of Bella) – but my game crashed. I’d saved only an hour of in-game time before, so only really lost the birth. When I reloaded (and went through the sim generator to randomise the child genetics properly before entering the lot), he was born male with green eyes instead of female with blue. While it was frustrating to have the game crash, I’m kind of glad that it did since it meant that Aiden got his heir.

Since I’ve got ACR/Silent Pregnancy/Risky Woohoo, I have no idea if Aiden and Kerry will end up having more kids. They’re set (and have been since they got together) to an ideal family size of 2 children…but I haven’t used that ACR setting before so we’ll see what happens.


  • Kaitlyn Hale (nee Starke): Platinum Grave = +1 point; 3 Gold Badges (prev 2) = +0 points; 12+ friends at death = +1 point definite
  • Grover Hale: 3 Gold Badges (prev 1) = +1 points; 2 Hobby Plaques (prev 1) = +0 points; Joined the Garden Club
  • Aiden Starke: 6 Hobby Plaques (prev 4) = +2 points; 2 Top of Careers = +2 points
  • Kerry Starke: 3 Hobby plaques (prev 2) = 0 points
  • Bella Starke: new Hollyshore Resident = +1 point; Learned all toddler skills; Entered Private School
  • Charlie Starke: new Hollyshore Resident = +1 point
  • Gerald Fletcher: First (and probably only) Hollyshore Zombie; new Hollyshore Resident = +1 point; 1 Top of Career = +1 point; Lifetime Want
  • Household: $397,889 (prev $256,193) = +1 point; 7 Hobby Plaques
  • Aiden’s Business (woohoo palace): $32,212 – note: I need to check this – Aiden hasn’t been there for a while…

Total: +12 points & Hollyshore’s first Zombie.

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