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Starke Household, Round 6

Aiden Starke and his fiance Kerry Austin merged back into the Starke household this round. Kerry actually brought about 27k back from University with her – I’d wondered why the Greek House which had previously had over $100k cash was only worth $125k at the end of the round – Kerry and Mattie O’Brien had sapped some of the funds when leaving (Mattie took about $22k).

The round started with Kerry and Aiden’s wedding, followed by Owen’s birthday. Kerry manages to reach the top of 2 careers during the week – satisfying her second lifetime want in the process, and decides to aim for her first lifetime want again (have 20 simultaneous best friends). Apparently in marrying Aiden, all his brothers/sisters that she was best friends with became family, so they no longer counted. I’m glad she’d succeeded with the want prior to the marriage!

Kaitlyn retired from work, getting $550 per day as a pension. She spent her time gardening, sewing, and later arranging flowers. Grover managed to reach the top of his second career – and I got to see a sim fly like superman for the first time ever.

Owen decided that he wanted to max all skills – and with the help of eggplant juice from the Starke vegie garden achieved his aim (getting his lifetime want & impossible want). He also managed to be abducted by aliens, so has netted $10,500 in scholarships for Uni.

Aiden spent the week writing novels and working on hobbies, while waiting for a vacancy in the Law career to open. He and Kerry also spent a great deal of time acting like newlyweds…with the result that Kerry is expecting their first child.


  • Kaitlyn Hale (nee Starke): 2 gold badges (previously 1), 2 hobby plaques (previously 1), Top Influence = 1+0+1
  • Grover Hale: 2 ToC (previously 1), 1 gold badge, 1 Hobby Plaque, Top of Lifetime Aspiration meter, Top Influence = 1+0+1+3+1
  • Aiden Starke: 4 hobby plaques (previously 3), Top of Lifetime Aspiration meter = 0+3
  • Kerry Starke (nee Austin): 2 ToC = 2
  • Owen Hale: Lifetime Want, Impossible Want, 1 hobby plaque = 0+3+1
  • Household Nett Worth: $256,193

Total = 17 points plus 1 money point.

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2 Responses “Starke Household, Round 6”

  1. ASimWen says:

    Ha! You must be a Sim slave driver. My Sims are no where as productive!

    • Dawnmist says:

      I think that’s probably why it takes me so long to do a household – I micro-manage them too much.

      Add in things like enough points to use the energizer…I think there were a total of 3 times when *a* sim in that household actually slept. All the rest of the time, they used either expresso, dates, the energizer or (paired) group outings to recharge.