Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Starke Household, Round 5

Ok. I’ve never seen a butler be as frustrating and annoying as this one.

First, he got fired because he kept pulling Owen out of the cot, complaining he couldn’t reach the cot, and dumping the poor toddler on the floor to pass out. Then I realised there was a couple of spare cots in the roof in storage that the butler was trying to use, so they went into Owen’s inventory and the butler got rehired.

Then the butler went nuts cooking food. Wasted all the fresh veges. I think this family can eat for a month or so without having to cook for themselves now just on the leftovers that didn’t get spoilt by being left on the bench. When they caught him cooking the 6th full meal in 4 sim hours, he got fired. Again.

Grover decided they’d make do with the maid and the gardener. It was better for his blood pressure than yelling at the Butler all the time.

Meanwhile, the two sets of twins grew up to teens fast. Rory is going steady with a girl he met that’s a bit older than him, while Kylie got her first kiss…but isn’t decided yet. Brayden and Dean didn’t get a chance to date, being focused on studying enough to head off to college with their older siblings.

Kaitlyn aged gracefully into an Elder. She’s still working (top of the Criminal Career) – but only because she still had 4 days of paid (maternity!) leave to cash in…down to 1 day left now, and then she’ll retire. Just curiosity…if they have vacation days left, do they get paid out those days when they retire? I’ve never HAD sims retire before this challenge, so I don’t really know how it works if they’re owed vacation time.

Grover continued working his way up the Law Enforcement career…although he took a sicky after nearly being killed using the energizer before work (he’d just dropped down to green aspiration – oops).

Poor Owen got kinda forgotten in the rush. He grew into a child in platinum with all toddler skills, but he hasn’t been admitted to private school – because his parents forgot to invite the headmaster over for dinner. They’ve promised to make it up to him next week. Assuming nothing goes wrong when Aiden returns home from University…

Score: 3 points for Kaitlyn’s impossible want, 1 point for Kaitlyn’s Nature plaque, 3 points for Kaitlyn reaching top of her lifetime aspiration meter.

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