Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Starke Household, Round 4

The Starke household was pure chaos this week. Kaitlyn spent most of the week pregnant, chasing after babies/toddlers, and gardening. Grover changed jobs, Aiden grew into a teen and decided that his life’s dream was to woohoo with as many women as he could, and both sets of twins grew into children having learned all toddler skills.

The baby of the group, Owen, grew into a toddler as well – but the screenshots didn’t work for his birthday (they came out all black).

Aiden, despite his desire to spend all his time screwing around with women, did manage to earn $10,500 in scholarships – a feat which delighted his knowledge-focused mum.

Score: +3 points for the birth of Dean, Brayden and Owen.

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