Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Starke Household, Round 3

The Starke household had a fertile round with one set of twins born, and another child (or two?) on the way. The main highlights were:

  • Kaitlyn got a job in the Criminal Career, working on her second LTW.
  • Twins Kylie and Rory Hale were born.
  • Aiden was accepted to private school.
  • Grover reached top of the Music Career.
  • Kaitlyn almost burnt the house down when she ran off to throw up while cooking.
  • Kylie and Rory aged to toddler, and have learnt all 4 toddler skills.
  • Aiden started showcasing his 1 nice point, teasing his brother Rory.
  • Kaitlyn reached the top of the Criminal career, reaching her second ToC & LTW.
  • Kaitlyn is pregnant again.

The Starke house was significantly upgraded this round – there’s now 3 bedrooms and the nursery upstairs, a 4th bedroom and music room downstairs, and furniture/wallpaper/flooring upgrades throughout. And a ton of kid play equipment out the back.

Score: +2 points for the twins. +2 point for Grover’s and Kaitlyn’s TOCs.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Good job on the second ltw. Nice maternity clothes.