Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Reeves Household, Round 7

The week starts with Clyde deciding not to wear a costume to work…and winning a §1200 prize as a result. Mattie goes into labour, and gives birth to Bianca.

Clyde reaches the top of his Education career, and decides that he’d prefer trying to herd 20 kittens than herd children all day. Mattie refuses to have her house turned into a zoo, so Clyde takes a more active job in Athletics instead, and reaches the top of that career too.

Bianca had a fantastic birthday party, after which Clyde and Mattie celebrated on the couch together…and Mattie became pregnant again. Clyde invited the local headmaster over for coffee, and Mattie decided to ask him to stay for a meal, resulting in Bianca being accepted into the local private school.


  • Clyde: 2 Top of Career: +2 points, achieved LTW, already a garden club member but earned the wishing well.
  • Mattie: 5 Hobby plaques (prev 3) = +2 points
  • Bianca: new Hollyshore Resident = +1 point, learned all toddler skills, got accepted to private school.
  • Household: §147,862 (prev §74,979) = +1 point

Total: +6 points.

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