Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Reeves Household, Round 6

The Reeves household is the third and final new household for Hollyshore this round. Started by University graduate Mattie O’Brien and her love, Clyde Reeves. Clyde being an ex-garden club member brings only $1 with him, and has no skill points at all. He consequently spends most of the week taking advantage of autumn to get as many skill points as he can before the first crop of eggplant juice is ready, while working crappy jobs waiting for a vacancy in Education to come up (which he gets towards the end of the week). He did at least have a gold gardening badge.

They threw a small wedding party, but didn’t go on a honeymoon.

Mattie spends the week getting to the top of 2 careers, and earning her preferred hobby’s plaque. She finishes the week pregnant.


  • Clyde: new Hollyshore sim = +1 point; 1 gold badge = +0 points;
  • Mattie: 4 hobby plaques (prev ): +0 points; 2 Top of Careers = +2 points; Lifetime Want;
  • Household: $74,979 ~= +1 point

Total: +4 points

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