Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard Household, Round 8

Lionel returned from college this week with his fiancé Jeanette. They went off on a beach holiday with his parents David & Mattie (David is the youngest of the original Gen 1 sims), choosing to have a private beach-side wedding at sunset instead of a more public and elaborate affair.

Towards the end of their honeymoon/holiday…things started to get weird. Lionel got abducted by aliens multiple times (which his father found hilariously funny, but which caused his wife to worry), eventually causing them to go home again in an attempt to hide from their extra-terrestrial visitors.

Soon after returning home, it was apparent that both Lionel and Jeanette were pregnant. David recognised the signs and explained to Lionel what was going on.

The rest of the week was taken up with four births and a funeral…

I discovered for this round a few new mods – one that stops Servos and Butlers from autonomously cooking meals (thank goodness!) so I could finally stop turning the fridge to face the wall (available here: http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/thread-910.html). The second one is a re-bugfix for that damn Socialis butterfly…apparently while the Freetime patch fixes the ability to catch them, Apartment Life/Mansion and Garden are once again built on the original broken code, so they clobbered the Freetime patch bugfix! There are times I really hate EA’s pathetically poor attention to detail – that sort of rubbish just shouldn’t happen, and really shouldn’t be left broken like that. The new bugfix can be found here: http://drupal.cyjon.net/node/418. Mattie and David still haven’t managed to catch one yet though…I’ve never seen any Sim succeed yet :(. The third is a bugfix for plant sim transformations – the game by default loses the count of the number of times a sim uses bug spray every time you save the game, because Maxis were saving the value to a token they forgot to create…since I save and go to community lots regularly, that explains why I’ve never seen a plantsim transformation…that one is available here: http://drupal.cyjon.net/node/68.

I have no idea what happened with the abductions – Lionel was working on his Science enthusiasm, so he was using the telescope – I really hadn’t expected him to be taken. When he returned he had a want to meet aliens again, and since I knew he was already pregnant I let him try to summon them out of curiosity – I wondered if he’d succeed. Within a very short time they’d returned and taken him again. When he returned again, we went back to Science (watching planets) since I thought the chances were about 1 in 100 so he wouldn’t be likely to be visited again…and they came back for the third time in less than 24 Sim hours! For something that’s supposed to be “rare”…I was a bit amazed to have 2 unintentional abductions so close together.

Then the offspring…I joked with my husband that with both parents pregnant, if I really wanted to give them a hard time I’d feed them cheesecake…but I didn’t really want to deal with 4 toddlers at once – nor pass on to their kids a “twin” gene. You can imagine my shock when both Lionel and Jeanette had natural twins despite NOT having eaten cheesecake (and neither of them being twins themselves)! I don’t know if it was the game mocking me, or if in transferring the save game to a different PC something has gone a bit odd in the RNG calculations. By the end of their week I felt a bit like the game was saying “we’ve missed you – have a year’s supply of RNG at once to welcome you back!”


  • David Pollard: 9 hobby plaques (prev 8 – I miscounted last time) = +0 points
  • Mattie Pollard: 6 Hobby plaques (prev 5) = +0 points
  • Lionel Pollard: 2 Top of Career = +2 points, 1 LTW, Max LTA = +3 points
  • Jeanette Pollard (nee Hunt): 1 Top of Career = +1 point, 1 LTW = +3 points
  • Tristan Pollard: new resident = +1 point, learned all Toddler skills, Alien
  • Caleb Pollard: new resident = +1 point, learned all Toddler skills, Alien
  • Xavier Pollard: new resident = +1 point, learned all Toddler skills
  • Victoria Pollard: new resident = +1 point, learned all Toddler skills
  • Household: Nett Worth (prev §678,298): §728,403 + §56,740 + §39,251 + §33,140 = §857,534 = +2 points; House has 3 generations = +1 point

Total: +16 points.

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