Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard Household, Round 7

With the next generation of the Pollard family away at college, David and Mattie had a fairly quiet week. They travelled to the Mountains for a romantic weekend away together…and their date got somewhat hotter than they expected! Roberta is still incessantly stealing and eating the food from the fridge anytime anyone on the lot even vaguely looks hungry, so the fridge spent most of the week facing the wall to keep her out of it.

Roberta seems to have formed a death wish – at least, she keeps thinking that splashing in puddles is a good thing for her – a robot – to do.

Mattie and David have been working on their bug collections for most of the week – Mattie needs 1 more bug, and David 2…I’m *sure* that my game is fully patched…so we’ll keep trying for the missing bugs next week.

As for travel mementos, both David & Mattie have about 40 mementos now – they just need the “travel X number of times” ones (and for Mattie to get a voodoo doll). The only frustrating thing here is that instead of 2 more travels, they need 3 – because the trip they took a few rounds ago with David’s father and step mother that broke on return didn’t get counted (it reset the week to Monday noon instead of Tuesday evening, and didn’t give them any travel rewards – so I played the “extra time” as their travel reward).

Since this one seems to be the main “travelling” family (and had a ton of money), they’ve bought properties at each of the holiday destinations.


  • David: 7 Hobby plaques (prev 6) = +0 points
  • Mattie: 5 Hobby plaques (prev 4) = +2 points
  • Household: Worth (prev $617,812): $545,929 + $39,251 + $33,140 + $59,978 = $678,298 (+0 points); All 10 hobby plaques = +3 points

Total: +5 points

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