Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard Household, Round 6

The Pollard household experienced the first final deaths in Hollyshore this round. When Patrick died, I didn’t even notice until the pop-up for his life insurance came up – I was looking elsewhere. Patrick had already vanished, and Grim was starting to leave. He was *so* close to his 6th gold badge at the time!

Sarah managed 2 more days before she then went and joined him.

A mistake on my part (Roberta was critically low on social, and I had David use “Smooth Talk” to try to get it up quickly, forgetting that’d trigger a crush/love) resulted in David now seeing Roberta as a valid romantic interest. He is attracted to Robots, and a Romance sim, so it’s not out of character…but now it’s a juggle to keep Mattie from finding out that he’s been involved with the robot. They haven’t woohooed yet…but with ACR they probably will at some point.

ACR also took over with Alta a couple of times, so she got her first kiss and gave someone else their first kiss without my intervention. Each time I was focussed elsewhere…just like a teen she snuck off into a hidden corner so no-one could interfere!

Lionel and Alta are ready for college, and will both be taking teens with them – Jeannette and Gilbert. These will be the first townie teens to be pulled in to college.

I’ve decided as far as badges go, that 6 is probably what I’ll try to achieve. 7 doesn’t give any more points – and to go beyond 7 means opening businesses, which I really dislike, so going further will only happen if I get a Sim with a business-related lifetime want. Or they can get try to get them from juice…but I’m not opening a business *just* to get badge points.


  • Patrick: 5 Gold Badges (prev 3) = +1 point, Platinum Grave = +1 point; 12+ friends at death = +1 point (definite); ~40 vacation mementos
  • Sarah: 6 Gold badges (prev 3) = +2 points; Platinum grave = +1 point; 12+ friends at death = +1 point (definite), 2 hobby plaques (prev 1) = +0 points; ~41 vacation mementos
  • David: 6 hobby plaques (prev 3) = +2 points
  • Mattie: 7 Gold Badges (prev 5) = +1 point; 4 hobby plaques (prev 2) = +0 points; Top of Lifetime Aspiration meter = +3 points
  • Lionel: Joined Garden Club; 12+ friends (not locked in until death: +1 point)
  • Alta: no points
  • Household: Nett Worth = $617,812 (prev $465,015) = +2 points, 7 types of hobby plaques now in the house (no points until all 10).

Total additional points: +15 definite points (2 moved from potential to definite), and +1 potential point

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