Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard Household, Round 5

The Pollard household once again took me ages to play – large households, particularly when I need to keep an eye on certain members *cough*Roberta*cough* to prevent them doing dumb stuff, seem to take forever. Beginning with toddler birthdays and skill training, the adults took a holiday break away from the toddlers. The break was spoiled somewhat by continual thunderstorms, leaving everyone glad to make it back alive (though apart from the killer-storms the rest of the holiday was greatly enjoyed).

Lionel and Alta grew up to children well, and were accepted into private school. David and Mattie made significant strides in their careers, while Roberta finally managed to find a job in the Law career after several weeks of searching.

The rest of the week was spent by all family members mainly doing hobby activities, and the children drinking lots of Eggplant juice.


  • David has 7 gold badges, Mattie 5, Patrick 3, and Sarah 3, for +3 points (7 points total incl. the 4 points previous)
  • David & Mattie have 3 hobby plaques, Patrick has 2 and Sarah has 1, for +1 point (Sarah’s is new)
  • +3 points for Patrick’s top of Lifetime Aspiration meter
  • +3 points for David’s 2 Top of Careers, and Mattie’s 2nd ToC

Their final net worth was $465,015, which was an increase of about $190,000 over the course of the week.

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