Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard Household, Round 3

David Pollard (the heir) was away at college this week – he’s about half-way through, so will be coming back next week. The main highlights for the Pollard household this round were:

  • Eva grew from a toddler to a child.
  • Sarah reached her TOC and LTW. New LTW: Graduate 3 children from college.
  • Eva got into private school.
  • Patrick got his second TOC.
  • Andres sold a best-seller book.
  • Eva got her first A+ marks at school.
  • Andres Bigfoot reached his TOC (non-scoring), satisfying his LTW and earning perma-plat. New LTW: Become Game Designer.
  • The Pollard household threw a New Years party. Everyone had a good time.
  • Patrick joined the Garden Club.
  • Patrick completed his impossible want (max all 7 skills).

Poor Roberta has been trying to get into her desired career (Law) all week – but the job has not come up yet. I think I want to put a padlock on the fridge though…she keeps making MORE meals while “doing chores” without regard to how many meals exist as left-overs in the fridge…I think they could feed everyone for a month now without needing to cook anything new!

Eva didn’t meet ANYONE at school, so at the moment she’s pretty lonely. I’m a little surprised she didn’t bring Aiden Starke home from school with her. Maybe she’ll get to meet Lily when Lily starts school in the next household…

Score: +1 point for Sarah’s TOC. +1 point for Patrick’s second TOC. +3 points for Patrick’s Impossible Want. First household in the garden club.

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