Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard 2 Household, Round 7

It was a fairly quiet week spent doing hobby entertainment, and drinking eggplant juice. Dakota grew into a child, and was accepted into private school. Jacob joined the Garden Club and got a wishing well.

It was during this family that I got frustrated with sims not using their vacation time by default – Hope now has more days of vacation time than she works in a single week. Since she’s a vampire her coffin is very close to the car she uses to go to work – which meant that when playing on high speed (because everyone’s asleep) she’d often make it into the car before I could stop the game to keep her home.

I’ve been hunting around for a mod that would keep sims home by default if they had vacation time, and not found one. I eventually decided to try to create one myself…which I’m now testing. What it does is modifies the “is today a work day?” calculation so that it says that “if it’s not yet the start time for their job, and they have a vacation day, today is not a work day” – preventing them from getting up/dressed, and preventing their carpool from arriving. After the job itself starts, it reverts back to the standard calculation for “is today a work day?”, so that they are recognised as missing work and get credited as having used a day of leave. I’ve also added a new notification when the 1-hour-before-carpool/day off notification would normally come, stating that the sim wants to use a day of leave today, but that you can still manually send them to work if you don’t want them using it. “Walk to work” on the sim and selecting a car and using “Go to work” on the car both still work, but the sim themselves will no longer autonomously wake up and send themselves to work if they have vacation time. (I usually don’t set my alarm if I’ve got a day off!)

Once I’m sure the mod is not breaking anything else, I’ll post it for others to use. It’s based on Mansion & Garden code, so I pretty much guess you’d need all of the expansions to use it.


  • Jacob: Joined the Garden Club; 1 Gold badge = +0 points; 2 Hobby plaques (prev 1) = +0 points
  • Contessa Hope: 4 Hobby plaques (prev 3) = +0 points
  • Dakota: Accepted into Private School.
  • Household: $258,404 (prev $236,229)

Total: no points this round.

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