Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard 2 Household, Round 6

Audry meets George Bryant – a teen with which she has a 3 bolt attraction. However, it appears he’s a holiday teens. Does anyone know if it’s possible to send him to college with her? She never had the option to invite him to move in – which I would have done to avoid college problems if it was possible. Being a 3-bolt relationship, they belong together…I’d really like to keep them together even if it involves a minor cheat.

I did make him selectable so that he could drink the Vampire antidote potion, then returned him to unselectable. Audry still had to buy the potions – but it made a better story if he took it, and I didn’t really want him as a vampire in the first place. I’ll need to watch Contessa Hope more carefully in future…she’s too quick to autonomously bite people, even if she barely knows them.

Jacob and Hope spent this round working on hobbies and badges, and attempting again to get an heir.


  • Jacob: 1 Gold badge (no points);
  • Contessa Hope: 3 hobby plaques (prev 1) = +0 points
  • Audry: no points (but prepared for college well)
  • Dakota: +1 point for new household member
  • Household: $236,229 (prev $143,594) = +1 point

Total additional points = +2

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