Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard 2 Household, Round 5

With both Jacob and Contessa Hope earning their second Top of Careers, they focused more on household and family stuff this week. Audry grew into a child, and was admitted (like all Hollyshore children apart from Owen Hale) into private school. Hope taught Audry what she needed to know for school, then started to focus on a writing career – producing two best-sellers. Jacob became interested in reading about tinkering in the local paper.

Audry, after speaking with Owen and her cousins about the benefits of Eggplant juice, decided to start gardening. She’s currently got a Silver gardening badge, so the Eggplants have been planted for use in gaining skills before heading to Uni at the end of the next round.


  • +2 points for Jacob & Hope’s second ToCs
  • +6 points for Jacob & Hope’s top of lifetime aspiration meters
  • +2 points for Jacob & Hope getting their first Hobby Plaques

The family increased in value by about $70,000 this week.

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