Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pollard 2 Household, Round 3

The Pollard 2 household had a pretty quiet round. Jacob and Hope focussed mainly on getting the skills they needed for promotions, both reaching their first TOCs during the week. They’ve also continued dating…they’d like a son for heir, but have had no (visible) success yet in getting pregnant again. Lily has been a delight, making friends with the nanny, Eva and Aiden.

The main highlights were:

  • Hope reached her LTW of Becoming a Game Designer. New LTW: Have 20 simultaneous lovers. Definitely NOT going to happen *lol*.
  • Lily aged to a child.
  • Lily was accepted to Private School.
  • Jacob added two cats to the family – Amberline (F, genius) and Steel (M, doofus), as rewards for Lily’s acceptance to Private School.
  • Jacob made his 12th friend, unlocking the top of his influence meter (no Screen Shot).
  • Jacob reach top of the Legal career.
  • Amberline and Steel started breeding together.
  • Lily made friends with both Eva Pollard and Aiden Starke.

Jacob and Hope have now changed jobs – Jacob is in the Athletics Career, and Hope in the Music Career. Lily will have another 4 days or so as a child before aging to a teen.

Score: +2 points for the 2 TOCs. +1 point (potential) for Jacob having top influence.

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