Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Pearson Household, Round 7

The Pearson Household is the first of the new households for Round 7. Founded by Kaitlyn Hale’s only daughter Kylie and townie Johnny Pearson. They celebrated their wedding in Hollyshore’s new Church and Community Center as a Group Outing with Kylie’s father and twin brother Rory being guests.

The Hollyshore Council had decided after the unfortunate Cowplant Accident during Eva and Archie Brady’s wedding that there was a need for a Community Church and Hall – to prevent any further unnecessary accidents from occurring. Kylie obtained permission from the Council to hold the first wedding in the church, even though it wasn’t quite completed yet. 4 more weddings are scheduled to be held in this space in the near future.

Johnny and Kylie do well in their careers – Kylie achieving two ToCs despite her pregnancy. Their heir Samuel is born, and Kylie adopts a stray miniature poodle so that Samuel can grow up with a pet dog.


  • Johnny Pearson: new Hollyshore Resident = +1 point; Top of Career = +1 point; Joined Garden Club; Maxed all Skills
  • Kylie Pearson (nee Hale): 2 Top of Careers = +2 points; LTW; Max Lifetime Aspiration: +3 points
  • Samuel Pearson: new Hollyshore Resident = +1 point
  • Household: §113,438 = +1 point (after combining with another family, the 13k will probably get absorbed)

Total: +9 points

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