Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Hopkins Household, Round 7

Lilly made good headway on her LTW to raise and marry off 6 children this round, giving birth first to Lilian Hopkins, then later to (cheesecaked) twins Joel and Chelsea Hopkins.

Vanessa grew into a child, and was accepted into private school. Clint got his garden club membership, and enough promotions to get his first top of career – he’s now trying to get into the medical career for his second career & second LTW.

Lilian learned all her toddler skills, then grew up into a child – mimicking Vanessa’s PJs and original hairstyle. Her normal clothes are fortunately different.

The twins are in the process of learning their toddler skills.

All in all, the Hopkins household had a very family-focussed week. No further accidents occurred with their carnivorous plant – though it is locked into a fenced-off area that only the family are permitted to enter.

Lilly has 8 days of vacation time saved up from her pregnancies…and only works 3 days per week!


  • Clint: 1st Top of Career = +1 point; Reached 12+ friends = +1 point if still held at death; 1 Gold badge = +0 points
  • Lilly: 5 Hobby plaques (prev 3) = +2 points
  • Vanessa: Accepted into private school, currently getting A+ marks
  • Lilian: new Hollyshore resident = +1 point
  • Joel: new Hollyshore resident = +1 point
  • Chelsea: new Hollyshore resident = +1 point
  • Household: $131,793 (prev $93,393) = +1 point

Total: +8 points.

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