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Hopkins Household, Round 6

Now we come to the first of the new households for this round – this one for Clint Hopkins and Lilly Pollard. My intent has always been that it should be named after Clint – but I had to get him there first, which could only be done with a move-in. I’ll try to fix it in SimPe. Given that this is not one of the founding family homes, I don’t think fixing the name to what it was intended to be should violate any of the challenge rules…if it does, please let me know as a comment because I’ve got another household in the same situation coming up soon!

Lilly and Clint opt for a private wedding ceremony in their back yard, and forgoe the honeymoon, due to money issues. Lilly then successfully single-handedly earns enough to complete the building of the house and leave them with a comfortable buffer.

Vanessa Hopkins, the first gen 3 child in Hollyshore is born. There was a minor issue when the nanny got eaten by the cowplant while Lilly and Clint were both at work – it was just luck that it was about 2-3 minutes before Lilly got home, so Vanessa wasn’t taken (though there was the warning about leaving her alone). It did mean that they never had to pay that nanny… They hired a butler after that.

Clint spent a lot of the week skilling as much as he could, until the first harvest of eggplant was ready – they’d only been able to afford to plant 4 plants initially, and with what he’d done plus those plants he *just* made it to max skills, achieving his LTW and Impossible Wants.

Lilly is pregnant with her second child – her lifetime want is to marry off 6 children, so she’s going to be having a few.


  • Clint: +1 point for new Hollyshore resident; +3 points for Impossible Want;
  • Lilly: +3 points for Top of Aspiration Meter; +2 points for 2 Top of Careers
  • Vanessa: +1 point for new Hollyshore resident
  • Household: $93,393 = +1 point

Total: +11 points

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One Response “Hopkins Household, Round 6”

  1. Tammy says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog. You really do work those simmies hard.

    I personally don’t think it matters what the house is named. I know that when I have your problem I usually move the female into a 1×3 lot. I then have the man move in. He moves out & then into a new lot. He asks her to move in with him. I then take away the 20k. If you use the family fund cheat while in the lot itself the money will come out of the right family. If you can fix the name thru simpe I would go for it.

    Can’t wait to read more.