Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Hale Household, Round 7

Rory married Cheri at the new Wedding Chapel, and together they went on a honeymoon to Twiki Island. After their return, Cheri became pregnant, and developed a taste for Eggplant juice – quickly gaining max skills.

Together they raised their daughter Cassandra to a toddler, before Cheri became pregnant with another child.

Note: This was the first lot where I used my Community Parties mod to hold a proper wedding party while getting married at a Community Lot. The mod is available from my Sims 2 Mods page if you’re interested (works for Weddings and Golden Anniversary parties).


  • Rory Hale: Top of career = +1 point, Top of LTA = +3 points, 4 Hobby Plaques (prev 3) = +0 points, (6 gold badges, prev 6 = no change)
  • Cheri Hale, nee Briggs: New resident = +1 point
  • Cassandra Hale: New resident = +1 point
  • Household: §73,595 = +1 point

Total: +7 points.

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