Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Hale 3 Household, Round 7

Dean Hale and Deloris Miller start the 3rd Hale household, with a sunny park-wedding. They enjoy a fabulous honeymoon (with no thunderstorms!) at Twiki Island, and then returned home to Hollyshore to start on their family.

Both family sims, they greatly enjoyed spending time with their daughter Claire – and autonomously trying for baby (ACR). Every time I turned my attention away from them, they were back at it again. I guess it’s nice to see newly-weds that are so keen *lol*.

At Claire’s birthday, Deloris used the Voodoo doll and had it backfire. She then spent the rest of the week with the backfire stars circling around her. Not sure what’s up there, or whether it’ll be fixed the next time I return to the lot.


  • Dean Hale: 5 Hobby Plaques (prev 4) = +2 points; 2 ToCs = +2 points; Max LTA = +3 points
  • Deloris Hale (nee Miller): New Resident = +1 point; 2 Gold Badges = +1 point, Joined the Garden Club
  • Claire Hale: New Resident = +1 point;
  • Household: §193,281 = +2 points

Total: +12 points.

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