Dawnmist: Sims 2 Challenges

Hale 2 Household, Round 7

Brayden Hale became the first beach-side resident in Hollyshore. He and his fiance Becky decided that the best place to celebrate their marriage would be at their own private section of beach.

Caitlyn Hale was born, and grew to a toddler. Brayden achieved 2 top of careers, and Becky one despite being pregnant.

Note: At the end of the Wedding party, one of the guests is responding to a “What do you Want/Fear” query with the non-existent memory icon. I’ve noticed that a lot of the “Social” Sims from Apartment life don’t actually roll wants/fears until they have been asked on a date (or something similar that forces a full want reroll) – they don’t get them normally or when entering a community lot (they’ll only reroll existing wants/fears entering a community lot, so if they don’t have any they don’t get any new ones – hmm, I may have a think about that and see if it’s possibly fixable). I’ve checked in SimPE when this has happened previously, and the affected Sims genuinely didn’t have a want/fear to respond to the question with, so I haven’t worried too much about it. I don’t believe it’s a corruption problem – more a “they don’t have anything to report” one. It happens in brand-new, fully-cleaned neighbourhoods with pretty much EVERY Social-group Sim generated (where the clean templates were downloaded and tested by *many* other people too), so I haven’t worried too much about it.


  • Brayden Hale: 2 ToCs = +2 points; Max LTA = +3 points
  • Becky Hale (nee Daniels): New Resident = +1 point; 1 ToC = +1 point, 1 LTW, Joined the Garden Club
  • Caitlyn Hale: New Resident = +1 point
  • Household: §127,625 = +1 point (when combined with other households)

Total: +9 points

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