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Brady Household, Round 6

Eva Pollard and Archie Brady start the second new household for Hollyshore this round. Both were unable to get into their preferred careers initially, but since I had plans for their house, they needed to earn something fast – so both joined the Natural Science career.

Their house is built around the idea of having a central conservatory that the rooms look into, to bring their garden inside. I discovered however that the plants won’t grow unless there is one of the greenhouse lights directly over them – if it’s more than a square away, they don’t progress at all (even though the conservatory is open to sunlight right through to the roof like any other greenhouse). For planning purposes, I find the blueprint tiles available at ModTheSims are invaluable to help rough out the layout of a new house instead of randomly growing it room by room.

Their wedding party was disturbed by the death of one of the attendees – Gerald Fletcher got eaten by one of their two cowplants (it’d had only JUST put out the cake, too – the second one’s cake hadn’t appeared yet!). I quickly stashed the second plant in a bedroom with the door locked to prevent any more accidents during the party. Gerald had invited himself to the wedding party (he tried to get Eva to go out with him while I was setting the party up, and on refusal just appeared at the house), and was the only non-playable at the wedding party. He was also Eva’s second love…Archie’s rival…so while she was devastated by his death, Archie really didn’t care. Once they could afford it, they fenced the plants in to prevent anyone else from being accidently killed.

The rest of the week was spent doing various activities, and preparing for the birth of their 3rd-gen son, Jasper Brady. Both Archie and Eva got to the top of 2 careers each (the second ones being their lifetime want ones) and earning perma-plat status.


  • Archie: 6 gold badges (prev 5) = +1 point; 3 hobby plaques (prev 2) = +0 points; 2 Top of Careers = +2 points; Lifetime Want
  • Eva: 4 hobby plaques (prev 3) = +0 points; 2 Top of Careers = +2 points; Lifetime Want; Lifetime Aspiration = +3 points
  • Jasper: new Hollyshore sim = +1 point
  • Household: $217,414 ~= +3 points

Total is roughly +12 points (depending on rounding for money when added to other households).

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  1. Tammy says:

    I’ve got to admit that is a unique looking house. Kinda of looks like it’s about to launch a rocket.