Dynasty Point: Behind the scenes – List of Handicaps


The list of handicaps chosen for this legacy are:

  • Whenever any sim is presented with a chance card, you MUST select one of the two options. You may not choose “Ignore”.
  • Whenever an electric object breaks in the house, you may not call a repair man or influence another sim to repair it. A member of the family must repair the object.
  • Your sims may not purchase a burglar alarm in the house or in a car.
  • The founder and each heir must have a 10 interest in “Crime” (or max the Games Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) by the time they turn elder.
Obey your Sims
  • You must fulfill at least one want per sim day for the founder or the youngest heir. This can be a trivial want, but it must still be a want.
  • The founder can have no more than 2 points in the “Nice” personality.
  • The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in Toys (or max the Games Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) by elderhood.
Only Sims of the same gender as the founder may carry the family line. Opposite gender sims are still considered part of the family, but may NOT be heirs. If the founder is male, only males can be heirs. If the founder is female, only females may be heirs.
One Way Street
  • Your sims may never use the elixir of life from the aspiration reward menu.
  • Cow plant elixir may still be used.
  • You may still purchase bottles of elixir to earn collection points.
  • The founder must start as an adult, and may not start in college
  • Instead of moving into an empty 5X5 lot at the beginning of the challenge, move into an empty 5X6 lot. This will force you to start the game with only 1,500.
  • You may not move-in or marry any sims in the first week of the sim’s existence.
  • If you have the Free Time expansion and are doing this handicap you may NOT sell Mr. Humble’s computer for extra money.
True Love
  • Your founder and each heir may only have children with sims they have a 3 lightning bolt relationship with (3LB).
  • They may move in and even marry other sims, but the sim that brings in the next generation must have 3 lightning bolts with the founder/heir.
  • For 3LB relationships that are based on situational turn-ons, such as perfume, stink and clothing, the relationship only needs to be 3LBs at the time of the next generation’s conception. (When you select the ‘try for baby’ command, they must have 3LBs). It may drop below 3LBs afterwards.
Free Roaming Ghosts
  • Sim graves and urns may never be deleted or sold, even if smashed.
  • Sim graves and urns may never be placed into a sim’s inventory
  • The graves and urns must be placed in a manner that allows the ghosts to travel freely on the entire lot. A ghost must be able to travel to any part of the lot from where their marker lies.
  • At least one novel must be written and completed per generation by that generation’s heir, excluding the 10th. It does not matter how well or poorly these novels sell or the creativity of the heir.
  • You must write a story for your family.

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