Penelope Rayne: Teen years and not-so-Phantom Pregnancies

Franklin vanishes for a while, and returns babbling about aliens. Penelope and Rhea believe he’s gone mad. Penny gets her first kiss, and a ton of scholarships before leaving for college.


  • First alien pregnancy.
  • 49 Family Friends by the time Penelope Rayne left for college.
  • Second gen family breed heir learned all commands and reached Top of Career.

Ongoing achievement attempts (i.e. not yet satisfied, but progressing nicely)

  • Happy Birthday: Roof-raiser parties for baby-toddler, toddler-child (with Platinum aspiration) and child-teen (with Platinum aspiration) for Penelope. Penny went to college in platinum aspiration (there’s no chance for a birthday party then – but I’ll use the graduation party at the end for the college -> adult transition party).

Reset achievement attempts (i.e. failed, need to be tried with a different sim)

  • No Regrets: Penelope’s first day at work got a bad chance card, resulting in a demotion and a bad memory. This achievement is now reset waiting for the next generation.

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  1. That is a great ending to a great story.. wish mine could come out that way LOL