Penelope Rayne: A Long, Hot Summer

Struggling to survive the Summer Heat, Franklin completes his fishing collection. Nyasa and Rhea age to elder, and Penelope ages to a teen.

Gen 2 Heiress: Penelope Rayne

Starsign: Cancer; Personality: 5 neat, 5 outgoing, 7 active, 6 playful, 7 nice
Aspiration: Knowledge/Popularity; Predestined Hobby: Sports
Turn Ons: Swimwear/Hats; Turn Offs: Fitness
LTW: Become a Mad Scientist


  • Child Prodigy: Completed by Penelope Rayne
  • Every Fishable Item & Wishing Well collected
  • 43 Family Friends by the time Penelope Rayne aged to teen

Ongoing achievement attempts (i.e. not yet satisfied, but progressing nicely)

  • Happy Birthday: Roof-raiser parties for baby-toddler, toddler-child (with Platinum aspiration) and child-teen (with Platinum aspiration) for Penelope.
  • No Regrets: Penelope has no bad memories as yet.

I’ve got a few questions with this entry…

  1. Do Sims need to have the Family Hobby still max when they age up to elder, or is it enough just to have maxed it at some stage before elder?
  2. Likewise, hobbies for handicaps – do they need to keep them at max to satisfy the handicap (Fearless/Obey)?
  3. Question about “Legacy Bloodline” – that means that a Sim needs to be able to trace their blood back to the founder, right? So if Franklin got pregnant with an alien child, that alien could NOT work towards the Black Sheep bonus because they’re not of Rhea’s Bloodline…right?

I’ve been careful to make sure Rhea satisfied the first two just in case they were a yes…but given how much more work is involved in Freetime Hobbies compared to interests, I’m hoping that it’s enough to have maxed the hobby…but they don’t have to maintain the hobby.

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2 Responses “Penelope Rayne: A Long, Hot Summer”

  1. ASimWen says:

    Nice on all the roof raiser parties. 🙂

    • Dawnmist says:

      I find that so long as I keep it to 1 or 2 guests (and preferably ones that are not good friends), it’s not too hard to make the party a roof raiser. If the guests make new friends (or become best friends) during the party it helps a lot – so I’ll have someone who is not currently their friend entertain them for the evening (i.e. the family member who is their friend invites them, then the friend’s husband or child entertains them and makes friends).

      Once there’s more than a couple of guests, I find it becomes MUCH harder to make a party score more than Good. I suspect as a rule of thumb that I never want more guests than there are family members able to interact with them (so baby->toddler parties you subtract one adult so they can concentrate on the toddler)…and preferably at least one less guest than family members (so family can swap off for bathroom breaks, etc). It’s too much work otherwise, and too hard.