Penelope Rayne: Child Prodigy in the Making

The Rayne family take a mountain holiday and make a new friend. Penelope studies hard, getting into Private School, getting A+ marks, and maxing her skills as a child. Forrest gets pregnant with the 3rd generation of the family breed.

Ongoing achievement attempts (i.e. not yet satisfied, but progressing nicely)

  • Child Prodigy: Penelope
    • Is an heiress
    • learnt all 3 toddler skills (+ rhyme)
    • grew toddler-child in platinum
    • is a private school student
    • is getting A+ marks in school
    • has learned to do homework
    • has maxed all skills before turning into a teen
    • has maxed interest in school

    Only needs the platinum child-teen transition (and to maintain her marks/skills) to complete.

  • Happy Birthday: Roof-raiser parties for baby-toddler, and toddler-child (with Platinum aspiration) for Penelope.
  • No Regrets: Penelope has no bad memories as yet.

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  1. ASimWen says:

    Very good! Nice family, love the presentation of the slide show. Nice one..hooking Bigfoot!