Rhea Rayne: Settling down

After maxing her enthusiasm for playing games, Rhea returned to her business and worked hard to bring it up to Rank 10. While working there she met her soul-mate, Franklin. She also made several more friends – with 27 friends before she returned home.

Achieving her goal for the business, Rhea decided it was time to settle down. She proposed to Franklyn, and they soon got married. The wedding party was a roaring success, and they departed for their honeymoon at the holiday house she’d purchased with the business funds.


  • Founder has a level 10 business – entry prices set to $99 per hour, so are kept within reasonable limits (i.e. not the “unlimited money: charge $9999 per hour” nonsense – while technically that wouldn’t be banned by the rules, it does seem unreasonable!).
  • Founder’s predestined hobby is the family hobby (Games).
  • Maxed Games enthusiasm: requirements for founder’s hobby for ‘Obey your Sims’ and ‘Fearless’ handicaps are met.
  • Extreme start completed: Adult founder started with a 5×6 block, no sims moved in during 1st week, Humble’s computer has not been sold.
  • Book written by Founder – satisfies founder’s novel requirement for ‘Storyteller’ handicap.
  • First of the breed – not a custom CAS animal, but still the breed is “started”. I simply forgot to create one in CAS!
  • Legacy tree was placed on the first day (that lemon tree) and has never been moved. The house was built around it.
  • Founder bought the first holiday house, and is spending her honeymoon there.
  • (No Screenshot yet) Founder has painted a self-portrait. Rhea painted it at Rayne’s Spa while customers were soaking in the spas chatting together.

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