James Singleton

James Singleton moved to Belladonna Cove as an Elder, looking for friends. After heading downtown to meet as many people as possible, he ran into Ernestine and they fell in love.

James proposed to Ernestine, and they headed off on a holiday together where they got married (and she got pregnant). On return, they wait for Ernestine to give birth before heading off on a series of whirlwind holidays where they take time to study together as well as visiting all the sights.

On return from their 5th holiday, Ernestine discovered that she was pregnant again, so they settled in for what was left of their lifetime together. James lived long enough to teach his second son all the needed toddler life-skills, before finally dying fulfilled at the age of 65.


  • 16 points for Max LTA.
  • +1 point for each 6pm where he didn’t die after reaching Max LTA: Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed = +6 points (he died 6pm the second Thursday).

Total: 22 points.

Strategy discussion

This is my attempt for The CAS Elder Challenge. The aim of the challenge was to start with an Elder Sim in CAS, and have them reach max lifetime aspiration before they die. No cheats, and no life extension potion to be used.

My strategy was to abuse the way that the game treats aging, by making the most of time when the aging clock is stopped – downtown, on holidays, on business lots/hobby lots if needed, etc. I selected a primary aspiration that was likely to have a LTW that was achievable in the “first” day (off lot) – though I will admit I forgot about the possibility of 20 Pet Best Friends until after it was started. 20 Best Friends is pretty easy, if you combine making 20 normal friends with going on holidays to an owned vacation lot (where aging is stopped but friendships still progress). Then I worked through as many of the LTA scoring things as possible…get engaged, get married, have a child, get max hobby enthusiasm, get all vacation memories (and get a gold badge, though I wasn’t sure if that gave a boost). I was planning to get one top level business after finishing the vacation memories, but that turned out not to be necessary – he hit max LTA during his fourth vacation.

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2 Responses “James Singleton”

  1. Twoyys4me says:

    Excellent! I like the travel strategy and you certainly used it better than I did! Congrats! 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    I really think that accomplishing the list of things that move the Lifetime Aspiration Meter in chunks is the key to winning this challenge, and then some means of extending their life just a little bit and you can do it. Congrats on getting the current highest score. It will be interesting to see if anyone can beat you.